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Here for a Gorgeous, Healthy You

When it comes to your appearance, you deserve the best care that money can buy. Welcome to Lilahs Luxury, the number one experts in Trichology Hair Loss treatments at a multi therapeutic approach utilizing Low-Laser (light) Therapy (LLLT) and various methods of hair extensions in the Metropolitan New York area. We’re a Licensed and Certified Beauty And Barbering Salon, providing professional, safe and personalized services. If you’re looking for the best solutions for your aesthetic concerns - you’ve come to the right place! Give us a call today and book a complimentary consultation meeting.


Multi-therapeutic Healthy Hair Solutions, Tailor-Made for You

Men's Hair Loss Treatments

This service is known for providing remarkable results, no matter the condition before the treatment takes place. As one of our most popular cosmetic procedures, this treatment has helped countless clients feel more confident and happier in their own skin. Semi-Permanent unit for bald/balding clients to achieve natural hair growth look. Using the finest quality hair and most advance application techniques to make your hair look seamlessly real. Shear/Razor Cut, Taper, or Fade included. To learn more about how this service can be personalized for your unique needs, feel free to reach out today and book your Hair Loss Consultation today using the most advance application techniques. The consultation will revolve around hair history, hair goals, and the technical aspects of your hair.

Microlinks Extensions

Our team works closely with each client to understand exactly what they’re looking for and ensure they get exactly those results. Micolink Hair Extensions s are individual pieces that are latched onto small portions of the natural hair using flattened micro beads. This install adds mobility, length, and volume. For more information on this service or any of the other services, get in touch with us and Book you Appointment today!

*Hair extensions are sold separately*

Get in touch today and book a complimentary consultation with your first appointment.

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Our Story

Based in New York, our clinic specializes in tailor-made, results-driven beauty treatments. Lilahs Luxury offers patients a variety of services and products that will help you feel young, energized and stunning every day. We put safety first, and stay up to date on the best techniques and latest treatment developments. Stylist Kahlilah Lilley is Licensed in New York State as a Cosmetologist and Master Barber. She studied her clinical studies in Trichology at Columbia Medical University as she is a Certified Trichologist through the AMCA . Specializing in Trichology, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Units, Makeup Artistry, Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions, and Styling at a holistic approach. Servicing women and men whether you are going for timeless, classic, modern, sophisticated, retro chic, romance, or even easy elegance we will provide you with the ultimate luxury glamour experience. Lilah is passionate about making client’s look and feel their best. Everyone deserves to live limitless to their own desires within beauty (inside and out)! Our mission is to provide every client with a welcoming luxurious environment; Relaxed yet professional. We value loyalty and always strive for the best service and accommodate the needs and desires of all clients.If you’re ready for a fresh start - give us a call today and find out more about our services and special offers!

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Contact Us

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